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Power To The People
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Build powerful connections within your local education community by putting the flow of communication in the hands of educators, students and parents. Never has it been so easy to create, contribute, and distribute information.

At Tynken Interactive we have redefined education software with Wavelength by taking content management to a whole new level. We help you get content into the hands of those who need it.

No limits. No boundaries.

Create dazzling content

Consistency is important in creating a professional image for your institution. Wavelength allows teachers to create calendars, create syllabi, provide coursework, IEPs, learning communities, add blogs, and grading logs all with the simple click of a mouse. No experience in website design is necessary.


Wavelength allows for easy integration of 3rd party applications and the ability to create a single login for any application using LDAP and Active Directory. We are able to tightly integrate them into our user friendly management console.

Easy to use

Wavelength provides easy to use tools for creating content. Point and click from our slimline educator control portal to add just about any type of content imaginable. Anyone who knows how to use MS Word can become a content person. It's that easy.

Erate Eligible?

Tynken Interactive (SPIN# 143032183) qualifies under the Erate program for partial funding. Frequency with Wavelength includes hosting and support for your school websites. We offer generous discounts on our software to qualified education clients, when you purchase our hosting packages. We do urge you to contact your state's funding coordinator for compliance.

Title 1
You can also use Title 1 funds to purchase our software. Wavelength meets several criteria for inclusion in the program. Specifically, it helps lower income students have better access to materials and it extends the learning day by providing a platform for learning 24x7.