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Bandwidth eMarketing is an ideal tool to help institutions keep students and alumni informed of campus activities, and reach prospective new students. We can help you create your campaigns and emarketing templates and make them effective. If you want we can even manage the campaigns for you and provide email lists based upon demographics you pre-select.

With Frequency Emarketing, we help you through the entire process, as opposed to the "canned" method you may be familiar with. We want you to get noticed...not deleted.

Frequency Emarketing Features:

  • Make your newsletter recipients feel more like themselves, less like mere numbers by greeting them individually and personally.
  • Pre-set campaign dates to avoid holidays and/or attract attention during special events.
  • We can review your campaigns for effectiveness and clarity. Also we can perform a SPAM analysis to help you avoid the dreaded SPAM folder.
  • Opt in functionality is included.
  • Track Bounces.
  • We can "rent" a email marketing list based on any number of defined criteria.