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Document Management Is An Art
Spectrum makes it simple and elegant

Ever been working on a project and wondered if there was relevant information available? Spectrum solves that problem. Our document management system gives you the ability to search the library for documents so you don't end up duplicating effort.

Not just search

Spectrum does more than just provide you the ability to search for documents. You can view the document, check it out and make modifications, and publish it on the web.

Integration with Frequency

Spectrum is integrated with Frequency so that it's easy to be able to put a link to the document on any webpage. This makes your document library accessible to people outside of the organization. Use it for whitepapers, spreadsheet templates, Word document templates, and much more.

Many Types of Documents

With Spectrum you can store PDF files, spreadsheets, word docs, images, and more. Basically, you can place any electronic file in the library.

Version Control

Spectrum is built with complete version control. When you check in a document, the previous version is saved before the update is applied. This means that you can restore a document back to any version in the history.