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Class Notes and Homework Assignments
With Wavelength you can post your class notes and homework assignments to the web in a matter of seconds. Our extremely intuitive interface makes it a matter of cut-and-paste. Instantly, the day's information is online on the website and a homework event is placed in every students' school calendar.

Class Library
You can create their own resource library of downloadable documents for your classes. If you find or create a PDF, Word Doc, or other electronic file, you can add it to your class's library for your students to use.

Class Message Boards
You can make use of a message board for your classes so students can collaborate and ask questions each other. You act as moderators of the board.

Digital Lockers and Electronic Homework Submission
Every student can have a digital locker to hold work in progress. They can download the work, make changes, and re-upload it to their locker. When they are ready to submit it for a homework assignment, they simply right-click on the document and select the assignment they want to submit. Wavelength makes sure that they only get a single submission for each homework assignment.